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Legal Advice on IP, Internet Law and European Commercial Law
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The ACN Legal Advice Concept
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Any person or entity can approach ACN's Legal Department via the Internet and explore preliminary advice or request a consultation. Eventually, this person will become one of ACN's Legal Advice Clients. In this preliminary contact stage, the potential client will explain the more relevant aspects of the legal issue that they are concerned with and the type of support, assistance and advice they need from ACN. All preliminary contact is made on the basis of total confidentiality.

An ACN Legal Advice Coordinator will review the proposal of the new potential Client and will decide:

  1. Whether ACN can or cannot deal with the matters of this Client.
  2. The detail of the preliminary work and issues that the matter would seem to require.
  3. Assessment of a preliminary budget and the terms and service conditions for the Client. There tends to follow an exchange of e-mails between the potential Client and ACN. If there is a mutual understanding between the parties, the new Client will be invited to complete and submit the "Know Your Client" form, which is the norm in any international law firm. Having completed this requirement, the client's request is received at ACN, reviewed and, in the majority of cases, approved.

At this point, the potential Client becomes a registered ACN Client and is assigned:

  1. A specific Legal Coordinator.
  2. An ID, a password, and also a File reference number. This will allow the Client to communicate with ACN through confidential and secure lines. Andorra la Vella - Principat d'Andorra