Advanced Consulting Network

Welcome to the web page of ACN, S.L. The initials ACN stand fo "Advanced Consulting Network" Hereafter referred to as just ACN.


Our concept: an online centre or hub specializing in Consulting Services that brings together, on the one hand, highly experienced professionals, and on the other, clients seeking the specialized advice and support of these networks of professionals that ACN has developed over the years. Both the Specialist Consultants as well as the Clients are spread all over the World. ACN has no geographic boundaries or limitations in its activities because it is solely Internet based.

The business concept and corporate purpose of ACN were approved by the Government of Andorra under resolution number 85035/2009. The concept is: "to provide advice through ideas, studies and reports generated by an international network of experts, concerning the relevant issues and always via the Internet".

Although in theory the ACN business concept could be applied to a large number of professional fields, ACN considers itself competent only in those areas where it has the relevant specialized professionals at international level, those with whom it has formed its network of Specialist Consultants. These networks are directed by specialized external Coordinators. The existence or not of these Coordinators within ACN, determines the areas for action, which are as follows:

  • Corporate and business strategy

  • Financial Asset Management

  • Technology for the cultivation of the Pistachio

  • Legal advice on Intellectual Property, Internet & European Trade

  • Legal advice on Intellectual Property, Internet & European Trade

ACN welcomes you and invites you to visit its various departments via this website. Select the options that may interest you in the menu at the top of this home page:

Welcome to ACN! Andorra la Vella - Principat d'Andorra