Consulting and Technology for the cultivation of the pistachio

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Consulting and technology for the cultivation of the Pistachio
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This is one of the highly specialized technical fields in which ACN operates. Remember that at ACN we only operate in professional fields where we have specialists at an international level and with cutting edge technology. In the agricultural sector we are specialists in the cultivation of the Pistachio on the Iberian Peninsula. At the beginning of the 20th century (@1910), the US Department of Agriculture started experimentation and adaptation of multiple new crops at its experimental stations across the length and breadth of the United States. Pistachio cultivation was started by Dr. Peters and its development was concentrated at the Experiment Station Chico CA. In 1973, this project finished and the continuation of the USDA’s program moved to the Department of Pomology and Extension at the University of California in Davis.

Professor Dr. Julian Crane continued to make progress in the Pistachio cultivation development program in collaboration with the California Pistachio Association and in particular with the Pistachio Commission.
Through the agricultural Extension Agencies, the University of California began to transfer the accumulated know-how to farmers in the San Joaquin Valley. It was at this point that the current ACN Coordinator in Pistachio technology, arrived in Davis, and with the help of Professor Julian Crane and Dr. Jerry Allen, from S & J Ranch in Madera (Ca), he began his studies into transferring and adapting these experiences and knowledge from California to the Iberian Peninsula. Andorra la Vella - Principat d'Andorra