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Since 1983, we have maintained an active relationship with the environment of Wall Street and the London Stock Exchange. Moreover, through our "inside" experience, we have gained a thorough understanding of what makes financial markets "move". We are familiar with "bull" periods, the surprises brought by "crashes" and the challenges of operating in "bear" periods. These experiences and the constant source of learning we have in our own R&D portfolios, is what qualifies us to provide advice to our Clients in the management of their financial assets.

In all cases, the funds and portfolios remain always and exclusively under the real and direct control of the client. ACN is limited to giving advice and recommendations. We operate only with Bonds, Shares, Mutual Funds and ETFs that are recognized and listed on the stock exchanges of London and the USA. We have faith in the American regulations of the ESC, in its ethics as well as in the standards and practices of the FSA and the Bank of England. We have learned that the supervision practiced by these Institutions and their Operating Standards, are an additional guarantee of quality that is important for the financial values they are based on. Among other benefits, they give high liquidity to these values. Andorra la Vella - Principat d'Andorra