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The new technologies of the 21st century have brought with them a new dimension in the law and of its application and interpretation. While all this has led to Internet generating new opportunities, new legal issues have arisen that need to be considered, discussed and resolved. Internet has opened up the world for business. The whole world has become accessible, but this brings with it a new legal challenge: the "localization" of operations in a "global" world. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction is not always clear and evident for the parties involved.

Similarly, the globalization of production, distribution and optimization of business, products, technologies and brands, has generated a revolution for Intellectual and Industrial Property legislation and its application.

In the past, Intellectual and Industrial Property was very "local" or "locally connected", but now globalization has caused a dramatic shift in the development and application of this legislation.

At ACN we have a thorough understanding of these issues, thanks to the experience of our specialist contributors, provided by their years of work, both in international companies and law firms in different countries within the EU. Andorra la Vella - Principat d'Andorra