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Legal Advice on IP, Internet Law and European Commercial Law
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ACN's legal coordinators are lawyers with renowned experience in the areas of Commercial Law, Internet and Intellectual and Industrial Property. These Coordinators have already established and brought to ACN their networks of specialist Consultant Lawyers.

Whenever a Client presents ACN with a legal inquiry or particular case, this is carefully studied and reviewed by the legal Coordinator. This theme or case Coordinator will begin their study and development to the extent they consider appropriate. On most occasions, they will require the contribution and participation of a specialist consultant of the ACN network. In each case, the legal Coordinators decide on the support and degree of participation required from the network of specialist Consultant Lawyers.
Sometimes, it may be the consultant who takes the lead role in a case, while on other occasions they may only provide advice and guidance. In other cases, several consultant specialists may be consulted at once in order to get a "second opinion" about a complex legal issue.

In addition to seeking client satisfaction, ACN also aspires to constant improvement in the quality of its Legal Advice. That is why, in more complex cases, an internal "Counseling Quality and Service Control" is established with the aim of constantly improving action protocols. Andorra la Vella - Principat d'Andorra